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The Flavors of Olive Oil: A Tasting Guide and Cookbook
Deborah Krasner, Elizabeth Krasner (Illustrator), Ann Stratton (Photographer)

In The Flavors of Olive Oil, Deborah Krasner demystifies the world of olive oil. Olives-just like wine grapes-respond directly to variations in climate, soil, cultivation, and harvest, so each oil is unique. By classifying olive oil in four distinct groups (delicate and mild, fruity and fragrant, olivey and peppery, and leafy-green and grassy), Krasner guides readers through the different characteristics of more than 150 different olive oils, providing a step-by-step tasting guide to the flavors and aromas of each one.

ELEA Olive Oil was characterized as among the three most outstanding Greek cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the book "The Flavors of Olive Oil" written by the U.S author Deborah Krasner (September 2002). And it was voted among the three most outstanding specifically for its flavor. The author describes ELEA Olive Oil as:

"Golden-green in color, this organic estate bottled olive oil is fragrant and complex. We all loved its underlying sweetness, with earthy, peppery, honey notes. A good dark bottle preserves flavor, and an air tight spout adds a touch of practical elegance" 
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The ELEA Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Organic or non-organic) is "milled" between 60-90 degrees Fahrenheit as opposed to other milling/mixing processing methods that may reach and sometimes exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The main advantage about milling at low temperatures is that maximum flavor and full body composition is ensured as the olive oil is not harmed by these low temperatures as opposed to high temperature subjection where both flavor and composition may very well be altered. LOUTRAKI OIL CO. guarantees and ensures the ultimate flavor in its ELEA Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Organic or non-organic) products. Perfect for spaghetti, meat and salad lovers.


Deborah Krasner is a CCP (Certified Culinary Professional) and the author of the James Beard Award-winning book, THE FLAVORS OF OLIVE OIL, which was also a finalist for the Jacob's Creek International Food Media Award. In addition, she is the author of four other books, including the IACP Award Finalist KITCHENS FOR COOKS. She has written for such magazines as Eating Well, Real Simple, Wine Enthusiast, Vegetarian Times, Parade, Bon Appetit and Food & Wine, She has taught numerous cooking classes at Sur La Table and Cookworks stores, and has also taught at Macy's De Gustibus and The Greenbriar Symposium for Professional Food Writers. A celebrated kitchen designer, she designs kitchens coast to coast. She created a notable kitchen for celebrated cookbook author Marcella Hazan, and helps make great kitchens for serious home cooks.

IACP Food Matter Award


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