The estate on which this wonderful oil is produced, lies in the sun drenched hills of Greece’s Mani peninsula. Owned by the Katsetos family since 1860, the land produces a superlative olive oil quality for the world community. This oil is luscious and soft with a full, round body and a strong fruity nose. With hints of papaya and distinct floral notes, it evokes fields of buttercups and long summer days. The variety of olives used for this fabulous olive oil production is Koroneiki. In ancient times the same trees produced the olive oil but was considered a medicine before a food. It healed and aided almost anything from coughs, to heart and skin problems.

We are interested to introduce our ELEA, FOTOULA, ATHINA, Di Pappa Luigi and RICA olive oils to you with the hope that you could try our olive oil and see for yourself what Olive Oil lovers all around the world are beginning to talk about. All our Olive Oil products are exclusively produced and bottled in Greece and offered only for Export.

Our ELEA olive oil is rated among the three most outstanding Greek olive oils by U.S. food expert. Please visit our business site for further information about our Nutritious, Delicious and Heart Healthy ELEA, FOTOULA, ATHINA, Di Pappa Luigi and RICA Olive Oil products.

Our products undergo rigorous quality testing by expert affiliated analytical chemists specializing in state-of-the-art methods for the quality assessment of olive oil. We take pride on the purity and stability of our olive oil products. To this end, in addition to standard analytical testing for purposes of full trade classification, we painstakingly assess oil quality and storage stability. Olive oil quality assessment tests include determination of acidity, oxidative rancidity, fatty acid profiles and secondary fatty acid oxidation products, olive oil stability on storage, and sensory evaluation performed by trained olive oil tasters.

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